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Sale of various grain crops (wheat, corn, soy, etc. )

Sale of various grain crops (wheat, corn, soy, etc. )
Sale of various grain crops (wheat, corn, soy, etc. ) - фото 1
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на Флагма с 4 ноября 2022
Пополитов Сергей Сергеевич


We are looking for new customers in Europe for one-time and long-term deliveries. Delivery is possible.

For high-quality and productive communication, you need an application indicating the desired product, quantity, basis and terms of delivery, price and payment offer.

The following grain crops of Ukrainian origin are offered for consideration:
1. Fodder wheat.
2. Food wheat.
3. Sunflower seeds.
4. Yellow corn.
5. Soy.

Proposed quality indicators:

1. Feed Wheat:
Protein: min. 10.5%
Moisture: max. 14.5%;
Foreign matter: max. 2.0%;
Bug: max. 2.0%

2. Wheat 2 grade
Protein: min. 12.5%
Moisture: max. 14%;
Test weight: min. 78 kgs/hl;
Foreign matter: max. 2.0%;
Wet gluten: min. 25% (ISO);
Falling number: min. 250 seconds;
W: min. 180;
Bug: max. 2.0%.

Wheat 3 grade
Protein: min. 11.5%
Test weight: min. 77 kgs/hl
Moisture: max. 14%
Wet gluten: min. 23.0%
Foreign matter: max. 2.0%
Bug damaged: max. 2.0%
Falling number: min. 250 sec.
W: min. 180

Oil content: basis 44%, reciprocal allowances 1.5:1
Admixture: basis 2% max 4%, with penalty 1:1
Moisture: basis 9% max 10%, with penalty 1:1
FFA: basis 2% max 3%, with a penalty of 2:1

Moisture: max 12%
Oil: min 18%
Protein (on dry matter): min 38%
Foreign matter: max 2%

Наиболее свежая информация находится у владельца объявления.

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Sale of various grain crops (wheat, corn, soy, etc. )
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