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Osmium-187 stable isotope

Osmium-187 stable isotope
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Osmium-187 stable isotope - фото 1 Osmium-187 stable isotope - фото 2
Добавлено: 4 мая 2022, 14:52 ID: 1783891
150 000 /грамм
Гослар, DE
на Флагма с 4 мая 2022
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Potassium Osmate (VI) based on stable isotope Osmium-187
Chemical purity: i99,9855 %
Isotope concentration: 99,54 %
Content OS 187: 52 %
Chemical formula: K2[OsO2(OH)4]
Appearance: Solid. (Solid crystalline powder.)
Colour: Violet
Solubility: Insoluble in methanol, diethyl ether.
CAS # 19718-36-6
EC # 243-247-1
Hazards Classification: Xi;R41
Attention: the price is 150 euros for 1 mg, indicated for a minimum order quantity of 100 mg.
Prices for wholesale orders are negotiable.
Wholesale order is considered to be from 50 grams and more.
Stable isotope Os 187 owing to its very small prevalence and high cost can be used as an opportunity of output on the advanced boundaries of development of technologies and as the mortgage in foreign banks.
Os 187 is used for military purposes, in the space industry, in high technologies, in the creation of solid-state lasers, devices of exact prompting, the chemical industry, etc. One of the perspective directions of use Os 187 - is used in medical diagnostics, treatment of oncological diseases, and creation of medicines.
Note: The product is in stock, ready for immediate shipment.
All additional information is available upon request.

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Филиппова Татьяна  Гослар, DE
на Флагма с 4 мая 2022

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