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En 590 And JetA1 fob Rotterdam

En 590 And JetA1 fob Rotterdam
En 590 And JetA1 fob Rotterdam - фото 1
Добавлено: 14 ноября 2023, 11:05 ID: 1794039
оптовая цена
740 - 820 $/штука
Гамбург, DE
на Флагма с 14 ноября 2023
Vinogradov Ivan
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En590 And JetA1 without prepayment
Dip & Pay Transaction Procedures
Fob Rotterdam/Houston
Jet fuel A1 , EN 590 10 ppm , D6
Validity: End of November 2023

Price & Quantinty

Aviation Kerosine Jet Fuel A1:
Minimum Trial Order Quantity: 1,000,000 Bbl
Max. Monthly Quantity for 12-Months contract: 4,000,000 Bbl/Month
Price Fob Rotterdam:
Nwe Platt (Platt Code No: PJAAV00) Minus US$8.00 Per Bbl + 0.50$ comission by Jva
Pricd Fob Houston:
Us Gulf Coast Platt (Platt Code No: PJABN00) Minus US$8.00 per Bbl + 0.50$ comission by jva

Diesel Gas Oil En590 10ppm:
Minimum Trial Order Quantity: 100,000 Mt
Maximum Monthly Quantity for 12-Months contract: 400,000 Mt/Month
Price Fob Rotterdam:
Nwe Platt (Platt Code No: AAWZD00) Minus US$90.00 Per MT +2$ comission by jva
Pricd Fob Houston:
US Gulf Coast Platt (Platt Code No: aatgz00) Minus US$90.00 Per MT +2$ comission by jva

Fob dip & pay procedure

1. Buyer approves the procedure and offer and sends a letter of intent (Loi), and signs Jva. Loi has to be on the letterhead of the buyer company and with complete details of the product requested and information and sent directly from the email of the end buyer. Seller sends Soft Corporate Offer (Sco) to the Buyer for buyer’s review. Buyer signs the Sco and sends it back to the seller.

2. Seller sends format of icpo to the Buyer.

3. Buyer puts icpo on the letterhead of their company, completes all the company and banking information, signs stamps and sends both documents along with Company Profile/CIS, Passport copy of the authorized signor for the company and Certificate of Registration.

4. Seller issues Commercial Term Sheet to the Buyer. Buyer signs and returns it back to the seller.

5. Buyer proves its financial capacity to execute the transaction by issuing POF to the Seller in the forms of Mt199 / Mt999.
Note: If buyer’s banking institution does not issue Mt 199 / Mt 999, a Bcl/Rwa with an Atv with two bank officers signatures and contact information will be sufficient. However, due to bank delays, verification of Bcl/Rwa might take up to 7-10 days.

6. Upon confirmation of the financial capacity of the Buyer, Seller issues Commercial Invoice (CI) along with 12-month Sales and Purchase Agreement (Spa) to be signed by the Buyer.
Buyer signs the Cl and the Spa and returns a copy back to the Seller.

7. Seller Sends Proof of Product (Pop) documents as listed below to the Buyer:
A. Fresh Sgs Report
B. Unconditional Dip Test Authorization (Udta)
C. Injection Report
D. Tank Storage Agreement (Tsa)
E. Tank Storage Receipt (Tsr)
F. Tank Farm Bar-Code Information
G. Letter of Commitment to Supply
H. Passport of the Product (q & q)
I. Certificate of Origin Report
J. Registration Certificate
K. Confirming Warrant
L. Authority to Sell & Collect (Atsc)

8. Buyer sends to Seller his Tsa or Cpa, along with Tsr or q88.
Seller issues Ncnda-Imfpa to facilitators to execute.

9. Buyer orders Sgs or equivalent to conduct Dip Test (Copy of the Sgs has to be sent to the
Seller at no cost to the Seller). Buyer makes payment for the total value of the product via Mt103 Wire Transfer according to the Commercial Invoice and lifts the product.

10. Seller transfers the title of Ownership to any entity as per Buyer’s instruction.

11. Seller pays to all intermediaries involved in the transaction and subsequently monthly shipment continues as per terms and conditions of the Sales and Purchase Agreement between the parties.

12. Buyer issues Irrevocable, Divisible and Transferable Sblc Mt 760 for the remaining 12 months of the transaction.

Special Notes:
Please note that false presentation of any document such as: Icpo, Loi, Rwa, or Bcl, Pof, Imfpa is a crime and if seller finds out that any document submitted by the buyer is not real, true and/or actually unverifiable, the seller will be able to inform the Icc, and Interpole.

The price will be fixed when the title holder would issue the Commercial Invoice

Наиболее свежая информация находится у владельца объявления.

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Цена по запросу
Дизельное Топливо ULSD 10 PPM EN 590, Авиационный Керосин JET FUEL JP54 – Экспортируем. Базис поставки – CIF ASWP, FOB. Поставки танкерными нормами. Форма оплаты – МТ103. E-mail:
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2 дек 2021
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