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Egg Powder

Egg Powder
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Обновлено: 24 мая 2024, 13:28 ID: 1796093
6.25 /килограмм
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от 6.20 €/килограмм
Условия поставки: FCA
Diamond Fertilisers, LP Бристоль, GB
на Флагма с 1 августа 2023
Alexander Alekseevich
сompany Representative


Pasteurized Whole Egg Powder

Origin: Ukraine, Origin

Ingredients: 100% Natural Egg Powder

Packaging: 20kg bag / in a cardboard box

Delivery: DAP truck 22 tons.

Delivery time: 2-3 weeks

Price: 6.25 €/kg. on FCA terms.

Payment: Advance payment 100%

Only for real buyers


Whole egg powder replaces liquid whole egg. This is especially useful in industrial bakeries. A wide range of cakes and cookies can be made from whole egg powder.

Melange is used in baked goods, ice cream, sauce and mayonnaise. It can be used in the production of dry ready-to-use mixtures for the baking industry. Ease of use is another advantage since all you have to do is add water. In addition, egg powder is easily controlled for bacteriological purity and thus allows manufacturers to obtain a guaranteed safe product.

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Код товара
0408 91 800 0

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Our company is a direct producer of dry egg powder feed. the quality of the product is confirmed by analyzes of state laboratories. protein 48%, we will provide documents. We export to the countries of the European Union, we provide the euro certificate 1
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Diamond Fertilisers, LP Бристоль, GB
Работает на Флагма с 1 августа 2023
Alexander Alekseevich
сompany Representative
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Diamond Fertilisers, LP Alexander Alekseevich, Сompany Representative
Egg Powder
6.25 €/килограмм ID: 1796093
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