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Foodstuffs, companies in Germany

213 13 Jul 2020

Redbull Energy Drinks Wir liefern Speisen und Getränke Red Bull Coca Cola Fanta Sprite Pepsi Wir liefern in loser Schüttung Wood pellets Medical items whatApp 306980480768

91 4 Aug new

KS Getranke GmBH is an international wholesaler and distributor of fast-moving consumer goods across a collection of niche markets. Our business is to provide our clients’ needs across Geographical boundaries, and we achieve this by providing best-in-class-service at all levels of the company.

Basf holding gmbh, GmbH
32 3 Aug new

As a traditional hanseatic company, we attach great importance to constantly ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining high quality standards in all areas. In addition, we strive to continually improve our products and develop new ones in order to expand our portfolio and meet the needs of...

12.8 7 Jul

We are the leading trading company in Europe. we supply food and beverages including live stocks products such as , Refined cooking oil, Frozen fish, Frozen Cow parts, Frozen Pig/Pork parts, Frozen Chicken Parts Etc

10.3 1 Aug new

We supply Sunflower oil, corn oil Nutella chocolate, redbull, heineken, wood pellets, wheat flour. we are multi trading company , with large scope

5.7 22 Aug 2018

Hello we are suppliers of food and beverages we intend to get very good and reliable companies to supply our goods to on long term bases

0.3 2 Aug new

The EFI-AGRO company specializes in the supply sunflower oil to the markets of Ukraine, the Nearest Descent and Africa, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits to the great domestic herd companies. The enterprise is actively cooperating with the Ukrainian agricultural states and purchasing only...

0.2 9 Jul 2019

We supply 100% quality cosmetics 1. Quality & Packed We are selling the top quality products , which are coming with original box label tag and packed with protected material . 2. Shipping We ship the goods by ems , ups , dhl, tnt and sodex , usually the goods will arrive at door in 5-7...

0.1 1 Oct 2018

We are suppliers of food and beverages products , we can ship to all sea ports all over the world

0.1 26 Apr

Refining of vegetable oils (sunflower, rapeseed, corn oil, soybean oil and other vegetable oils) his process includes refining and deodorization of vegetable oils; packaging of refined deodorized vegetable oils in consumer containers with a volume of 0.85l to 25l.

Amaranth Produkte GmbH Co. KG, GmbH
0.0 17 Aug 2021

Our company specializes on the wholesale trade of ORGANIC herbal products (oils, seeds and kernels, flour and press cake).

0.0 26 Jul 2021

Export Import of soft drinks, and enegy drinks in Europe. We will be happy to get good offers and cooperate internationally

0.0 9 Apr

Als globales Großhandelsunternehmen kaufen wir direkt beim Hersteller ein

IKRiNKA Kaviar Deutschland, GmbH
0.0 1 Jun 2021

Kaufen Sie Roten und Schwarzen Kaviar online in Deutschland ▷ IKRiNKA Die Erste Kaviar Company EKC GmbH ist ein international tätiges Unternehmen, welches sich auf die Produktion und den Vertrieb von Kaviar, Fisch und weiteren Delikatessen spezialisiert. Sitz der Firma ist in...

0.0 4 Oct 2016

Rösten, Verpacken und Vertreiben von Sonnenblumenkerne. Wir rösten die Sonnenblumenkerne und verkaufen auf Russische und Türkische Märkte in Deutschland und Europa. Die Rohstoffe kommen aus Russland, Krasnodar Region.

Kochsnacks, UG
0.0 5 Oct 2016

Rösten und Verpacken von Sonnenblumenkerne für Russische und Türkische Markt in Europa.

0.0 24 Jul 2021

We deal with food and beverages, construction, building materials,

0.0 25 Mar 2021

We are wholesalers and retailers in Germany dealing with different varieties of product.

0.0 18 May 2018

Lebensmitteleinzelhandel, Baggerarbeit.

0.0 22 Dec 2021

Nasta is a a wholesale trading company purposes of marketing dairy and other products. Nasta supplies quality products regionally, nationally and internationally to it's ever-expanding and diverse customer base. We provide top-quality transportation to meet our customer's needs, ensuring their...

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